Mueller Park.png


Located in the Mueller neighborhood, this park wraps itself around Mueller Lake offering wide grass areas that extend to the banks of the lake. Classes will be held off the trail around the lake, under the shade of trees. Please see the link below for exact location classes will be held. 

P.S The occasional duck or duckling might wander into our class for a special visit!

Parking:  From Airport Blvd, turn right onto Mueller Central Drive.  The closest parking lot is on the right, in front of the Browning Hangar or you can take a left and park in the parking lot in front of Mueller Central building.

Zilker Map.png


Nestled in the heart of Austin, Zilker Park offers ample green space for our little ones to explore. Classes will be held under a canopy of large trees in the middle of the park. Please see the link below for exact location classes will be held.

Parking: Turn onto Lou Neff Rd and follow it along to the back of the park (the side closest to the river).  Turn into the first parking lot on the left.  Street parking is also available.  If you reached the parking lot next to the volleyball courts, you have gone too far.